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Our Approach to Your Search

At The James Randall Group, LLC we consider ourselves partners in your recruitment effort. We will work with you to develop the most effective methodology for your unique needs and requirements; however, the basic framework for our assistance will include the following:

Introductory Consultation

We will meet with you to discuss management structure and professional background and personal characteristics required of potential candidates. At your discretion, we will meet with other key individuals to solicit their thoughts and to further our understanding of your unique situation and needs.

Develop the Position Specification

If you have already prepared a job description, we will review this document as a part of our initial meeting. If you do not have a description, we will assist you in drafting one. It will be essential that all parties involved in the selection process agree on the description and required skills.

Formulation of the Search Strategy

Once the position specification has been finalized, we work closely with you to develop a search strategy. Understanding that most individuals with the desired qualifications are not actively looking, we establish a list of target institutions and develop a plan for reaching key prospects and sources within these institutions. We will contact these individuals, as well as those from our own database and network, on a direct inquiry basis.

Candidate Interviews

Our outreach calls will produce a number of potential candidates. We will interview the most qualified and interested candidates to obtain an understanding of their accomplishments, capabilities and potential. We will discuss with you the outcome of these interviews and provide recommendations to you on which of the candidates you should meet.

Reference Checking

It is our practice to speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job. We rely upon the information provided to us by those individuals. We also verify university degrees. Confidential written references summarizing our findings from the information provided by third parties will be presented on the final candidate, or those to whom an offer of employment is made. To protect a candidate’s confidentiality, reference checks are generally performed only after you have expressed a strong interest in a particular candidate.

Presentation of an Offer

At this critical stage of the process, we will partner closely with you on structuring a compensation package that will be attractive to your top candidate. We will serve as an intermediary to work out differences or details in order to complete the search to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.


We maintain appropriate confidentiality to protect our clients and potential candidates. The importance of confidentiality should be repeatedly stressed throughout the process.